Kimmings is a variation of  my name-Kim. I started making beaded necklaces as a relief from boredom.  I had retired from a career in market research for advertising agencies in New York City because of multiple sclerosis. After years of rushing to meet deadlines and going to school at night for a MBA, free time was a new experience. 

To add another complication I got decubitus ulceritis-a pressure sore- on my butt from sitting in a wheelchair.  Facing what turned out to be years of bedrest, I decided to devote more time to jewelry  making-at first beadstringing then wire-work, then soldering and now enameling. With my jewelry collection  and supplies threatening to take over my house, I decided to try selling some of my jewelry.

I take an enormous pride in creating my products and hope that you'll find something this website that you like. I also can create custom orders-different stones, stringing patterns or just about anything different.  Just let me know what you want in your order.

Contact me about any changes you want or with any comments or questions. E-mail me at kimpernia1@gmail.com or just press here.