So I went to college without thinking about what I would do afterwards. I picked a college that sounded like the food was good-Bucknell.

A major based on how fun it sounded-psychology. Studied and partied my way through college. After graduation I got a job in advertising in New York and I was on my way!

Then KABOOM! I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. KABOOM! I was confined to a wheelchair. KABOOM! I became bed bound beause of pressure sores. I quickly became tired of reading, computer games and television.

Someone talked me into making jewelry by stringing beads and twisting a little piece of metal. I liked it, did lots of it, and decided to look into wire working for jewelry. After working with that I started silversmithing with a torch and then enameling.

I sold my homemade jewelry in craft shows near Jessup then ventured a little farther. Then I decided to try selling on line. It’s been quite a struggle and quite a learning process. But I like learning. When I get frustrated on line, i make jewelry. When I get frustrated with jewelry, I go on line. Right now I’m making crackle enamel jewelry,learning new soldering techniques and trying to establish myself on Facebook. When all else fails, I do jigsaw puzzles-576 pieces!